Are Urgent Pediatric Care Clinics Open During the Holidays?

Posted by admin on Oct 7th, 2023
As parents it is our duty to keep our children safe and healthy at all times. But illness and injury will often occur without warning and when we least expect it. Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care located in Wellington is your place to turn to for urgent pediatric care for your child. We are open evenings, weekends, and even on most holidays to help your child recover from their non life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care Provides Convenient After-Hour Services
Our facility is open seven days a week and on most holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) to provide you with a reliable alternative to going to your local ER for minor health issues. Whether your child is in need of an X-ray, blood work, or treatment for an infection, our trained staff is available to assist you and your child with whatever you need. We have some of the best medical equipment on hand at our facility so that we can diagnose and treat your child in one convenient location. And the best news is that no appointment is necessary. You can walk in at any time without having to wait an extended amount of time to be seen.
While we can provide urgent pediatric care to any child that is showing symptoms of a cold, ear infection or flu, any child that is complaining of life-threatening conditions should be rushed to the nearest emergency room for immediate care. Also, if our staff members believe that your child’s condition is life-threatening, then we will have them sent to the nearest ER.
We Have a Full Dedicated Staff on-hand During the Cold and Flu Season
Pediatrician offices are busiest during the cold and flu season, and many times it can be hard to get an appointment when your child needs one. At Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care, we keep a full dedicated staff on hand during this busy time of year so that someone will be available to help you in a quick and efficient manner. Our staff is made up of board certified pediatric specialists who have the training and years of experience that is required to provide urgent pediatric care for even the tiniest patients. You can trust our team to diagnose and treat your child if they come down with a cold or flu.
Take Proper Precautions during the Holidays to Avoid Sickness
While it can be difficult to prevent your child from getting sick during the holidays, there are some precautions that you can take to help keep them as healthy as possible. Here are a few tips that will help to make any holiday a healthy one for your family.
  • Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy while visiting friends and family members so that your child can apply some to their hands after greeting their loved ones.
  • Make sure your child always washes their hands with soap and warm water before eating.
  • Keep them hydrated by offering plenty of water to drink. This can help to keep the mucous membranes from drying out so that fewer germs and bacteria get into your child’s system
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of Vitamin C to help build up their immune system. If going with over the counter vitamins, ask their pediatrician for the correct dosage amount and which brand is best.
We are open on most holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our office is conveniently located at 530 Green Street in Wellington. The next time your child is in need of urgent pediatric care for a non life-threatening condition, don’t sit in a busy ER waiting room for hours on end. Instead bring them to Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care center so that they can begin to feel better faster.

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