24 hour Pediatric Immediate Care

Posted by sam on February 21, 2018

One of the biggest challenges a parent can face is an illness or injury in their children. The stress and anxiety that comes with having a child in pain can be magnified for working parents trying to get care for their child. The options for these parents are sometimes limited and include taking time off work to see a pediatrician during normal business hours. In cases where that’s not possible, parents may choose to visit the emergency room instead and therefore end up paying a higher bill for less specialized pediatric immediate care.

Pediatric Immediate Care: No More Long Waits at Emergency Rooms

Wait times for emergency care range from about 55 minutes to nearly 70 minutes from registration to the time a patient sees a doctor. Wait times tend to be higher in those emergency rooms that service urban areas and those that take patients picked up by an ambulance. When you add to that the time it takes to get to and from the emergency room, get any needed tests done, and receive required treatments, a single emergency visit could take several hours.

Pediatric Immediate Care: Faster Service

While life threatening conditions should go to an emergency room, there is a better way to receive pediatric immediate care for many less serious conditions. The Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care clinic can accommodate most urgent situations. With no appointment you can walk in and receive prompt medical attention. While many conditions that occur during non-business hours are serious, they still require fairly routine care and treatment. With on-site x-ray and laboratory testing, Kinder Pediatric is ideally suited for handling these types of situations.

Pediatric Immediate Care: Come Prepared

In addition to choosing an urgent care clinic, there are several other steps you can take to expedite pediatric immediate care. One of these steps is to take advantage of the online registration process through the Kinder Pediatric website. Another is to keep a list of your child’s current allergies and medications – including vitamins – on hand at all times. This is especially important if your child has chronic health conditions. Be sure to keep any relevant insurance or payment information handy. Finally, make note of your child’s current medical problem that include when the problem started, if you’ve done anything that made the problem better or worse and any medications you’ve given for that problem.

While having a sick or injured child can be stressful, there are several things you can do to help ease that stress and expedite your child’s care. First, choose an urgent care clinic that specialized in pediatric immediate care. Next, pre-register online if possible and make sure to have a list of pertinent information. Finally, keep a record of your child’s current injury or illness in order to help doctors diagnose and treat them with greater efficiency.