About Kinder Pediatric

Kinder Pediatric is your neighborhood after-hours urgent care center. With our team of dedicated, board-certified pediatric specialists, the main goal is to provide our young patients with immediate, high level of medical care they need. Our walk-in clinics are complete with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipments, such as a high-speed digital x-ray.

Our evening and weekend hours provide parents with the flexibility and convenience of taking their children to a medical facility for urgent medical care of a wide variety of illnesses such as asthma, infections, fever, fractures, pain, etc. Children with emergent, life-threatening conditions should be immediately rushed to the emergency room.

What is Urgent Care?


There are instances when your child experiences a health issue that although not life-threatening,
does require immediate medical attention…

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Why Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care?


At Kinder Pediatric, the moment you come to us, expect that you will get nothing but excellent medical care for your child.

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The Kinder Pediatric Story


Our story can be traced back to an emergency room experience by one of the co-founders of Kinder Pediatric. One day, at around…

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