The Kinder Pediatric Story

Give it a read.

Our story can be traced back to an emergency room experience by one of the co-founders of Kinder Pediatric.

One day, at around 7pm, his 3-year-old child was injured while jumping on the bed at home.
The child bumped his head on the edge of the bed and suffered swelling, along with black and blue discolorations near his eye. The parents immediately called their pediatrician’s office, only to be greeted by the answering service that directed them to the emergency room.

Not knowing where else to go, they took their child to the emergency room. Once they arrived, they were placed in a line that was made unbearably long thanks to flu season.

While the child was immediately triaged, they were told they would have to wait to see a doctor since the child’s injuries were not life-threatening. After four hours of waiting, their child was seen for ten minutes by a pediatrician in the emergency room.

They were advised that the injury was not life-threatening, that the child’s eye was safe, and that they could provide the child with a pain reliever and some other simple remedies. If they had only been told this information four hours prior, they would have been able to alleviate their child’s discomfort much sooner.
They also would not have had to endure the agony of waiting in the emergency room with a roomful of unhappy children that also looked like they did not need to be there. But, unfortunately, their parents also didn’t have any other options.

After that terrible experience, the father (the co-founder) thought back of two other instances where their son, as an infant, was taken to the emergency room because of a high-fever and the ER sent them home after performing a routine check-up. The co-founder came to realize then that there is a need for a comfortable, child-friendly alternative to the emergency room (open during the evenings and weekends) for children with non life-threatening conditions. Hence, he decided to establish Kinder Pediatric.