Edison Urgent Care Fireworks Safety Tips

Posted by sam on July 1, 2017

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care is OPEN 4th of July 11AM – 8PM!

The state of New Jersey has very specific laws on which non-professional grade fireworks can be used legally. According to New Jersey state laws, firecrackers, sparklers, novelty fireworks, bottle rockets and Roman candles are not permitted in the state.

  • Professionals know how to run a safe fireworks show – always look for these locally-run fireworks shows over any sort of homemade display
  • The greatest risk of fireworks is their ability to burn you. While some seem safe they can be very dangerous and can result in burns or more permanent damage like scars or disfigurement.
  • We highly recommend the prohibition of all fireworks, especially those purchased mail order and from the internet.
  • Sparklers are an example of safe seeming fireworks but can reach temperatures of over 1000F. Keep this in mind when giving them to children. Avoid them!

If your child has been injured from any fireworks, please contact your local Edison Urgent Care center or Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care or call 911 in case of a real medical emergency.