On-site Laboratory

Save ER wait time due to instantaneous laboratory testing done onsite

We at Kinder Pediatric provide laboratory services all-year-round including weekends and holidays. Results for blood tests sent to an outside laboratory will be made available within just two days, whereas on-site blood draws will be reported immediately. The blood results will be sent to the child’s parents, as well as to the child’s pediatrician.

We can perform almost all sorts of blood and urine tests in our laboratory, including (but not limited to):

  •  Complete Blood Count, platelet count, full hematology panel
  •  Glucose Testing
  •  Routine urine test, culture & sensitivity tests (1), urine sugar tests including urinanalysis
  •  Pregnancy tests
  •  Drug Testing
  •  OnSite Diagnostic tests:
    • Rapid Strep Tests (Streptococcal)
    • Rapid Influenza (Flu) Tests
    • RSV Testing (respiratory syncytial virus)
    • MonoSpot Testing (mononucleosis)
    • Fecal Occult Testing (including parasite testing)

(1) Results of microbiologic tests, such as sputum culture and sensitivity tests will be made generally within 48th hours with full laboratory reports.

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