What is Urgent Care?

Something urgent, give us a call or visit us, no appointment needed.

There are instances when your child experiences a health issue that although not life-threatening, does require immediate medical attention to ensure that the condition will not get worse (Note: all children complaining of life-threatening conditions should be immediately rushed to the nearest Emergency Room).

More often than not, your child’s pediatrician may not always be available for immediate appointments.

This leaves the parent with no other choice but to make an unnecessary and expensive trip to the emergency room, and wait for hours before the child is evaluated by a Physician, or go to an urgent care facility that does not specialize in pediatrics.

Studies have shown that majority of emergency room visits are not life-threatening and that patients, after waiting for hours to be seen by a physician, are either told to go home or advised to see their pediatrician.

We, at Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care Center understand this dilemma that concerned parents face, and as a solution, we offer one-stop, full-service, walk-in medical facilities that specialize in pediatric medical care.

With our main goal being to provide care when your child needs it, we offer clinic hours that work with your schedule – and no appointment is necessary. We also offer a comfortable and caring environment for your child.

Upon arrival at our Center and completion of the registration process, your child will be triaged. Subsequent to triage, wait times are usually minimal to see a Pediatrician.

Please keep in mind that if you believe your child’s condition is life-threatening, you should rush to the nearest emergency room. In addition, if your child presents at our Center with a life-threatening illness, we will send the child to the emergency room.

In addition to saving you time, there can be a financial benefit to urgent care as well. In most cases, your urgent care co-pay will almost always be lower than your emergency room co-pay.