Partnering with Pediatricians

Want us to become your partner.

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care: A Pediatric Partner

It does indeed take a village to raise a child, and we at Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care embrace that viewpoint from a medical perspective. Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care has treated thousands patients since its inception. Many of those patients were referred directly to us from more than hundreds of unique physicians and primary care practices. The role of the pediatric primary care physician is crucial, and we pride ourselves in working in tandem to attain the goal of quality pediatric care. We realize that we are not a replacement for local pediatricians, but we exist to support and augment the primary care doctor.


This is how we accomplish that goal. Our urgent-care pediatric facility provides a convenient alternative to a Hospital Emergency Room visit. We are here to treat children when their regular pediatrician’s office is closed, both after hours and on holidays. How do we do that?

  • Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care forwards detailed information about patient visits to that patient’s primary care pediatrician, either via fax, email, or personal contact (for more critical cases). Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care includes diagnoses and treatments provided to each patient.
  • We stress the importance of following up with the patient’s regular doctor.
  • Due to the urgent-care focus of our facility, Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care does not provide sports physicals, routine well-child checkups, or routine vaccinations. We accept patients on a walk-in basis.
  • Each location is equipped with the latest X-ray equipment as well as an onsite lab for tests and diagnostic services.
  • We treat a wide variety of complaints, illnesses, and injuries. Generally speaking, Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care treats the same types of issues seen in standard pediatric E.R. facilities.