Telemedicine Visit

What is Kinder Anywhere?

Kinder Anywhere is Pediatric Urgent Care’s new telemedicine platform that is available to all our patients for ALL AGES. This is the equivalent of a secure FaceTime call ​that you schedule. You and your little one could be in front of a Kinder Physician right now. Try it!

All CO-PAYS and Deductibles waived for our NJ patients via TELEMEDICINE only. Now seeing ALL AGES!

How much does Kinder Anywhere Cost? Will Insurance Cover it?

YES, insurance covers Kinder Anywhere and ALL copays and deductibles are waived at this time. You can connect with one of our providers with ​no out-of-pocket expense​.

Current guidelines, under NJ’ currently declared public emergency, dictate that ​co-pays and deductibles are waived for all telemedicine visits regardless of the reason for the visit.

We accept private and medicaid insurances as well as offer a very compassionate self pay rate for our telemedicine visit or in-office visits. As long as you have active insurance, you will not get a bill, that is our guarantee (if you do receive a bill, reference this link with our billing department).

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, GI issues,​ fatigue and in severe cases, difficulty breathing. Many people do not have symptoms may feel as they just have a common cold.

If your child has any difficulty breathing, please proceed to the nearest Emergency Department immediately. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

What can I do if I think my child has been exposed to COVID-19?

If you suspect your child may have been exposed to Covid-19, it is best to seek immediate advice via telemedicine rather than go to a primary care office, Urgent Care Center or the ​nearest hospital emergency room​.

Can I consult a Kinder Doctor without coming to office?

Yes, Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care now offers a telemedicine portal (equivalent of a FaceTime) to protect, care and treat your child’s symptoms in real time with no waiting room or cross contamination.

Telemedicine visits are web based and can be booked through the above Kinder Anywhere link or via a link at or you can call our office to schedule.

If my child or family member has a non-COVID-19 related medical issue and I need to bring them into the office, how is Kinder ensuring their safety?

There are several changes we have made to our check in process to ensure your safety and limit exposure. At this time,​ ​ALL Kinder patients are being medically screened and triaged before entering our facility. We ask that Kinder patients call prior to entering our facility. Accepted patients are then escorted directly to a sterile exam room. We have masks available for all patients we deem necessary, or for those patients that request it for general safety. Only one parent per child is permitted in the office at a time.

We continue to follow the strict CDC guidelines and thoroughly sanitize our facility throughout the day.